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To be the leading professional global organization, embracing all cultures to advance sustainable development of every industry and community issue with international scope.


We are care deeply about social and environmental issues and are passionately committed to Sustainable Business With A Cause.
To consciously set out to find entrepreneurs who will create innovations to solve sustainability related problems and turn these global challenges into business opportunities.

Caring of Global Issues

We keep eyes on social and ecologic issues in global scope, and study of why they exist as well.

Doing Business With a Cause

We do businesses which drive us a better World.

Finding Entrepreneurs who Help

We find entrepreneurs will create innovations contributing to sustainable development.

Turning Challenges into Opportunities

We believe sustainability is the root of business innovation, meanwhile we can earn through saving the World.

What is Sustainopreneurship?

Sustainopreneurship (a portmanteau of sustainability and entrepreneurship) is the use of business organizing to solve problems related to social and environmental sustainability.
It is a “business with a cause” – where world problems are turned into business opportunities by deployment of sustainability innovations.
The concept of sustainopreneurship was first introduced as a term in 2000 by a Germany professor, Dr. Stefan Schaltegger at Rio Impuls Management Forum.

Who inisiate GSA?

Global Sustainopreneurship Association was established at Delaware, U.S. in 2014 by a group of elite venture capitalists, entrepreneurs in New Year.
Nowadays innovation is all about sustainability. GSA believes sustainopreneurship is a comfortable way our global community to achieve “our common future”, a sustainable society where economy growing without compromise of social and ecologic development.

 How does GSA make money?

GSA makes money through membership, conference attendance fees, sponsorship and training course fees. The net revenues (after a deduction of operating expenses) go to Global Sustainable Development Fund (GSD Fund) which is operated as a private equity fund mainly investing on sustainability related projects.
Everyone who joins a membership is contributing capital into GSD Fund, as well as supporting activities of sustainable development projects. For this reason, a percentage of membership fee is a charitable contribution to our common future.

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