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The GSA system, also known unofficially as the “GSA family”, is made up of the GSA itself and many affiliated programmes and funds, all with their own membership, leadership, and budget.  The programmes and funds are financed through both voluntary and assessed contributions.


Global Sustainable Development Fund

Global Sustainable Development Fund (GSDF) seeks for those entrepreneurs or entrepreneurial teams who put efforts on sustainopreneurship, to support their sustainable business in term of equity investment.

As the fund sponsor, GSA contributes the revenues of member fee after deduction of operating expenses, and appoints GSD Fund Board as the operator.


International Messenger Program

Entrepreneurship has been regarded as backbone of building sustainable society, therefore GSA needs their referrals and participation in the cause of Global sustainable development. GSA launched International Messenger Program to recruit new members in the most efficient way, in order to achieve support from international societies to help the cause of its development.

All GSA members can join IM Program freely at their own will, as a messenger, shoulder the responsibility of promoting GSA’s idea, as well as foster new generation of messengers by sprite and experience.
IM Program grant allowances and awards to messengers those made outstanding performance and contribution.


Our Common Future Pool

OCF Pool has issued 500 million ordinary shares meanwhile with 500 million contract units (OCF Unit) of subscript right in total, which is being granted to extraordinary contributor to GSA as merit rewards. OCF Unit is a tool for value investment, more than for short-term gains. The longer you hold OCF units, the greater future return you may get. OCF: Our Common Future.