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New Age of Exploration

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New Age of Exploration

This was the first travel activity GSA held, to allow member to meet closer and know better the GSA’s management team and business partners, as a result, members would understand clearly on its vision, mission as well as functions. With the leading of Mr. Sherman Fang the chairman of council and Mr. Owen Yu the vice chairman of council, more than hundred members attend this event at Hua Hin, Thailand.

Sherman was the first person spoken on the event day, he introduced GSA’s background, vision, mission, purpose, direction of development, member services, and plans in futures.

Profile of Sherman Fang

  1. Master of Business Administration at Pepperdine University (1989)
  2. Bachelor of Law Studies at Western State University (2000)
  3. Remarkable achievements and rich experience of corporate management in education, legal and financial sector in US and China over the past 40 years.
  4. Have served as head of two law firms in Los Angeles, general manager of a number of insurance companies’ China division.
  5. In addition, Sherman has achieved a lot of glorification and awards: the youngest President of Lions Club around the world in 1989, meanwhile awarded “Achievement Award for individual and society of the year” from Mayor of Los Angeles, further more, America’s Champion of salesperson, elite in financial sector, etc

The second speaker of the day is Mr. Harek Andreasson the CEO of Dynagreen Holdings Limited. Harek is a telecommunication and electronics engineer from Norway, with over 20 years of experience within business management and project management in oil & gas sector. Harek introduced his project which is the first project GSA is supporting to.


Profile of Mr. Andreasson

  1. Since 2006, Harek have been involved in 4 major project for a Norwegian company. All with project values above UDS 100 million.
  2. First is a pilot project, executed in Norway, called Hiload DP. This is a crude oil mobile loading unit meant for offshore operation.
  3. Next project was Alvheim FPSO, which is a floating combined oil production, storage, and  offloading unit, operating in the North Sea.
  4. He has also been involved in the planning and project management of an expansion project of Europe’s largest production and export facility of NGL (Natural Gas Liquids), and the third largest export port of LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) in the world.
  5. The most recent project was the construction of Dowlin Beta, the worlds biggest Converter Platform. This project had a project value of more than 300 USD and we finished this project in Dubai in June 2014..

Dynagreen has two biofuel products, biodiesel and biopetrol. Harek believes that both of these products adds something significant to the biofuel industry.

  1. Dynagreen’s products will contribute to a greener and cleaner world!
  2. Dynagreen’s products demands less use of both fossil fuel and biomass!
  3. Dynagreen’s product technology is unique, both due to new additives, and due to the fact that we combine both technologies from the fossil fuel industry and the biofuel industry.
  4. Dynagreen’s products gives more power to the engine without any modifications needed.

Harek has also listed some milestones and targets for the Dynagreen Project. As this is very much a live plan, he expects the plan to change as moving forward. Hopefully it will change in the positive direction.

  1. Dynagreen Business plan is completed.
  2. Dynagreen found the partners it need to succeed in Malaysia.
  3. Site plan in 3D has been drafted.
  4. Funding for the Malaysia site is ongoing, budget an Financial plan is being worked on.
  5. Harek hopes to start the construction phase for the Malaysia site before or within quarter 1 of next year.
  6. Finding our R&D team is already started.
  7. To get the R&D team started before or within second quarter of 2015.
  8. Exploring of other markets than Malaysia is already started and in negotiations with Thailand, Indonesia, and Laos.
  9. He aims to start first sale before or within last quarter of 2015.


The last but not the least, the third speaker is a master of finance came back from US, Mr. Mark Hung the CEO of Gorex Capital. Mark shared his unique philosophy of wealth management, named OPM- Other People’s Money and Manpower, as well as the reason why his company has been investing OCF.

Profile of Master Hung:

  1. Bachelor of Marketing Management and Business Administration at University of California.
  2. MBA in Marketing Psychology at Yale University.
  3. Has served several well-known finance institutions such as Citibank, Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch, etc.
  4. Well aware of the international financial situation, nearly 30 years of experience in terms of personal finance and institutional investment and financing.

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