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GreenOdin was founded in September 2014 when the company took over the fuel technologies that scientists have been developing since 2008/2009.
GreenOdin has to be realistic to find feasible solutions to reduce the global need of fossil fuel within the next 5 to 10 years. GreenOdin has to accept the fact that it will be impossible for all users around the world to change to electric or hydrogen fuel cell vehicles within such a short timeline. GreenOdin’s aim is therefore to minimise emissions (like for example carbon and particle matter) from existing diesel and petrol powered engines by conducting continuous research and development on sustainable, renewable fuel technologies.


By combining technologies from the conventional fossil fuel industry and the biofuel industry, GreenOdin has developed unique products and processes that GreenOdin believe is the next level of green fuels.
GreenOdin’s products require minimum need for both fossil fuel and food-competing biomass feedstock. GreenOdin’s products can be used with most of today’s liquid fuel-powered engines, this being for vehicles on land, vessels on the sea, aircrafts, and even as greener alternatives to coal-fuelled electric power grids. GreenOdin offer both clean biodiesel (Water-in-Biodiesel-Emulsion – WiBE) and ultra clean petrol technologies. GreenOdin’s fuels can also be used with modern PHEV technologies, without need for any changes to the combustion engine to make these vehicles optimum environmental friendly. GreenOdin believe that this is the best way to solve the fossil fuel emissions issues at the current time, and that this can be seen as the bridge to the ultimate zero emission future with hydrogen fuel cells and/or electric vehicles as the main engine power sources on a global scale.


The initial R&D on GreenOdin’s first three main products, including government certification (3-5 years), was completed in 2014, and GreenOdin’s R&D Phase 1 for commercialisation is targeted to start first half of 2015.
Technology Research and Development is a big part of GreenOdin’s operations, and GreenOdin is  continuously on the look out for new products and technologies that can fit GreenOdin’s product portfolio or GreenOdin’s R&D operations. GreenOdin is  today sharing most of GreenOdin’s research within technology and industry, and GreenOdin will continue to do so also in the future.
GreenOdin’s long term target is the global fuel consumer market, and GreenOdin is  confident that GreenOdin’s technologies have the potential to make GreenOdin’s world cleaner and greener.


August 4, 2017


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